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California Department of Food and Agriculture


California State Senator

State Senator

University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Vice President

Mineral, an Alphabet company

Product Lead

John Deere

GUSS Business Integration Manager

University of California - ANR

Chief Innovation Officer

Western Growers

Vice President of Innovation

Duda Farm Fresh Foods

Sr. Director of Ag Technology and Innovation

Pacific Ag Rentals LLC

President & Managing Member

Carbon Robotics

Carbon RoboticsTM, a leader in AI powered robotics, builds innovative agricultural tools that empower farmers to operate more efficiently. Carbon Robotics' revolutionary, high-precision LaserWeederTM leverages sophisticated AI deep learning technology, computer vision, robotics, and lasers. Leading commercial growers of specialty and organic crops have deployed LaserWeeders from Carbon Robotics because they reduce weed control costs by 80% and increase crop yields and quality. Laserweeding also provides safer working conditions for farmers and creates sustainable paths to regenerative and organic farming.

Stout Industrial Technology

No Labor. No Chemicals. No Problems The Stout Smart Cultivator is a software-defined, tractor drawn implement that uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to cultivate and weed fields using mechanical blades. We built the Smart Cultivator because everything else kept breaking down in the field and removing crops as well as weeds. Dependability and Accuracy are important. Each Smart Cultivator clears 1–2 acres per hour depending on soil conditions using mechanical blades controlled by our proprietary AI model that recognizes each weed and each plant individually with 99.99% accuracy. No crop kills. The machines are purpose-built to work in the field, day and night. You can even pressure-wash the machine. Since the machines are software-defined, their capabilities will only increase over time which protects your investment and ensures that your Stout implements continue to add more and more value to your program the longer you own them.


A new compact electric tractor Your solution for harvesting, towing, mowing, hauling, feeding, spraying & more.

Naïo Technologies

Orio is the brand-new straddle robot in the Naïo Technologies’ range. Designed for row crops and beds of vegetables, arable crops, large growers and contractors, this robot offers the possibility to add options for greater autonomy and precision. This tool-carrier can be used for seeding, cultivating, weeding, collecting data and more! Its design make Orio fit with a lot of high-end tools available on the market and already owned by farmers. You can order optional T&H inter-row camera guidance system.

Bluewhite's Pathfinder transforms any brand of existing orchard or vineyard tractor into to a fully autonomous fleet, capable of executing multiple tasks, such as spraying, herbicide, discing, mowing, or harvesting, with high precision and operating efficiency. Pathfinder uses the unique fusion of multiple sensors, LIDAR, cameras, and GNSS, enabling safe navigation in every crop and application without the reliance on GPS/RTK or cellular connection, which is not available in all operating conditions.

Naïo Technologies

Its universal mounting frame offers the possibility to adapt various tools. The robot offers effective and precise mechanical weeding, without herbicides, which respects your soil and crops. Ted can work up 8 hours a day autonomously.

Fulcrum Global Capital


Culterra Capital


Farmhand Ventures

General Partner

Better Food Ventures & The Mixing Bowl

Founding Partner

Associations & Syndicates

GOFAR, the Global Organization for Agricultural Organization

Associations & Syndicates

Western Growers represents local and regional family farmers growing fresh produce in Arizona, California, Colorado and New Mexico.


The VINE is California's hub for agri-food and biotech innovation.

UCANR connects the power of UC science and technology in agriculture and natural resources with industry.

Public Institutions

F3 Innovate is a hub for climate-smart agrifood tech in California's Central Valley.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

We sell 100% electric and autonomous robots so farmers can focus on higher value-added tasks.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Stout is an artificial intelligence company building smart farming implements for labor-intensive farm work.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Software & services company specializing in autonomous and AI solutions for agriculture.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Bluewhite drives the growth of resilient farms, through pioneering technology, and a friendly user experience.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Carbon Robotics builds innovative agricultural tools that empower farmers to work more efficiently

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Solinftec is a global leader in artificial intelligence and robotics for agriculture.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Manufacturer of Autonomous Sprayers

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Modular electric platforms to solve agriculture's labor challenges

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Monarch Tractor, the maker of the MK-V, the fully electric, driver-optional, connected tractor.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

SeedSpider debuts WeedSpider Robotic Weeder, next-level tech for reliability & precision.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Ecorobotix SA ARA, Ultra-High Precision Smart spraying of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or liquid fertilizer – reducing plant protection products use by up to 95%.

Technology Suppliers

Parker's MicroStrain Inertial Sensors are engineered for autonomy, delivering solutions across robotics, precision agriculture, and other autonomous applications.

Technology suppliers

Giving you the tools you need to make even the toughest jobs easier to tackle.

Technology suppliers

Focused on autonomous and automated solutions in the off-road and agriculture industries

We purchase technology and then Rent, Service, Support and Sell those technologies

Agro industrials

Beck's is the largest family-owned retail seed company and the third-largest seed brand in the U.S.

The mission of ISPA is to advance the science of precision agriculture globally.

The Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission (WTFRC), founded in 1969, represents tree fruit producers in Washington state.

Education & Research

Hartnell College's Agri Tech Institute offers practical career education for the global agriculture.

Media & Event

North American Ag - Daily news, and weekly podcasts covering Ag tech, Ag policy, faith and family. Don't farm without us!

Media & Event

Show a Farmer the Robot that fits like a Glove!

Agnewscenter provides the AgPR.com news release distribution service for agriculture and sponsored e-news briefs

Media & Event

Media & Event

Providing the vegetable industry with the latest news and resources to produce and market a diverse range of crops.

Media & Event

Organic Grower® reaches your customers and other industry influencers in the organic farming business.

Media & Event

Spudman covers all aspects of growing, harvesting and storing potatoes.

Media & Event

National Nut Grower® is a new print and digital brand for readers in the almond, pistachio, walnut, hazelnut and pecan markets.

Media & Event

AgriTechTomorrow.com – An Online Trade Magazine for the Agricultural Technology and Precision Farming industries

Media & Event

Commercial UAV Expo is the world’s leading commercial drone trade show and conference

Media & Event

Agri-Pulse is the leading source for Ag, Food, and Rural policy news and analysis our of Washington, DC and Sacramento, CA.

Media & Event

Growers Insight optimizes profits, sustainability, and growth for AgriFood Organizations

Media & Event

Women in Ag magazine

Media & Event

Fruit Grower News covers all aspects of producing and marketing fruit.


AgTech Investment & Advisory


Farmhand Ventures

Connecting innovators to transform the business of food

FGC is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in increasing global food production.


ARA is a high-precision sprayer developed by Ecorobotix, which enables the ultra-targeted application of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or fertilizers, reducing the use of them up to 95%. ARA improves the profitability of your farm, while adhering to environmental regulations.

SeedSpider Inc

The WeedSpider is the latest product from the SeedSpider Inc research and development team. This solution can be configured to efficiently and accurately mechanically weed, mechanically thin, or precision spray commercial vegetable crops. Flexible in its options, the system can be supplied as either a tractor mounted system, enabling growers to utilize their existing infrastructure to minimize costs, or an autonomous robotic weeder, which does not require a tractor or labor and can be provided as a stand-alone system.

Naïo Technologies

Jo is able to tackle weeds on the row and between rows with a single pass, Jo can also set furrows with RTK GPS positioning. Narrow vines are not the only crop where this electric crawler can achieve big things. Its low compaction design will help caring about the soil in plots of fir trees, fruit trees, tree nurseries and more.

Naïo Technologies

This robot can be used for many tasks such as seeding and planting, opening furrow, ploughing and mechanical weeding. Thanks to the RTK GPS, it navigates autonomously with centimetric accuracy.

Foodbytes! by Rabobank

Assistant Vice President, Startup Relationship Manager

TeleFarmer™ empowers farmers to remotely execute labor-intensive field missions such as weeding, spraying, mowing and transporting using autonomous EV vehicles . The solution is a game changer for many specialty crop farmers who are battling crippling labor shortages and associated rising costs. The TeleFarmer Solution from Agtonomy is comprised of three powerful components: •TeleFarmer™ Software: A tele-guidance software system that turns tractors into remotely operated vehicles. Equipped with proprietary TrunkVision™, these tractors safely and accurately navigate within centimeter- level precision of any permanent crop. •TeleFarmer™ Service: An app that puts unprecedented control in the hands of the operator. Farmers can plan and implement autonomous missions such as in-row spraying, open-field mowing and transporting of harvested crops. The service also provides monitoring notifications and other key information needed for farmers to resolve issues as they arise remotely or send someone to the field for larger issues. •TeleFarmer™ Reference Tractor: A fully electric reference tractor that precisely accomplishes labor-intensive field missions even in the toughest terrain or at night.

Guss Automation

With the ever-increasing cost of spray material and labor

Monarch Tractor

Monarch Tractor is the only 100%, driver-optional, data-driven tractor available on the market. Engineered with an array of strategic features, the Monarch MK-V is tackling some of ag’s biggest challenges: Labor Shortages – Bridge the widening gap between the jobs that need to be done and the dwindling pool of workers willing to fill those roles. Profitability – An MK-V is an appreciating asset, reducing costs across labor, reporting, fuel, and maintenance while improving operations efficiency and labor productivity. Climate Instability – In addition to zero emissions, an MK-V increases energy independence by serving as a power source and keeping critical energy loads running. Fewer Pollinators – Reduce the use (and associated expense) of herbicides in addition to making regenerative farming practices more affordable. Accessible High-tech – Immediately integrate an MK-V into a farm’s current ecosystem with current implements and operators, all with less than two hours of training.


Solix keeps the fields clean, free from invasive plants, and ensures sustainable production from pre-planting to harvest. Solix is capable of precise herbicide application, enabling efficient control of weeds, preventing their spread, and competition for nutrients with the target crop. Another efficiency point is its ability to avoid drift during herbicide management since it is a lighter machine operating at a lower speed, providing greater stability in the booms while still respecting the recommended spacing between nozzles, usually 20 inches. […]

Verdant Robotics

Specialty row crop precision spraying.

Technology Suppliers

Provider of embedded computing solutions and outdoor HMI for agriculture automation and robotics.

Technology Suppliers

Media & Event

Misset is the leading publisher of international titles for sectors such as arable farming, dairy farming…

Technology Suppliers

Autonomy and Automation for the Toughest Environments

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Machine Vision and Machine Learning Software Developer, Equipment Manufacturer and Service Provider

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Pop-Up Autonomy to support people wherever they work

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

We develop and build AI, automation and robotics for a more sustainable agriculture sector.

Technology Suppliers

A global leader in positioning and perception technology for autonomous vehicle solutions.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Verdant provides massive labor & chemical savings via digitization & mm-accurate robotic spraying.

Technology Suppliers

Swiss company developing high-precision global positioning for autonomous solutions.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Your specialist for environmental friendly weed control.

Technology suppliers

The Robotics Control Platform that brings safe, secure, dynamic control to any machine.

North American Ag



Introducing Burro, the only fully autonomous robot of its kind that works alongside people to force-multiply their work by Carrying, Following, or Towing product in any production environment, all while constantly learning to do more.  Burro pulls together innovative autonomous functions - Machine Learning, High Precision GPS, and Pop Up Autonomy™ - to create the first high-quality autonomous platform that anyone can use anywhere work is done.

Technology Suppliers

Bosch Engineering is more than a component supplier. We find solutions.

Média & Events

Events, marketing and audiovisual producer in the Organic World.

Media & Event

2nd Largest Indoor Ag Show in the United States

Media & Event

3rd Largest Indoor Ag Show in the United States

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

We provide precision pollination services to the almond and pistachio industries.

Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board

Executive Officer

California wine grapes association

Director og Government Relations

Pacific Ag Rentals

The Robovator is an innovative vision-based robotic weeding machine designed to effectively control weeds in row crops. With its user-friendly operation and low power requirements, it offers a convenient solution for farmers. This versatile machine allows for automatic hoeing within the rows and can be easily controlled using a smartphone, laptop, or its own display. Its software can be updated effortlessly, making it adaptable for transplanted vegetables or direct seed crops. Having been successfully utilized in the UK for 8 years and in California and Arizona since 2015, the Robovator has proven its reliability, having efficiently weeded over 6000 acres. Equipped with plant detection cameras above each crop row, it employs hydraulic power to operate its mechanical hoe-like tools. These tools intelligently remain in the row but move out when a crop plant is detected, thanks to continuous monitoring by the specially designed plant detection cameras. Ai is in the works for the Robovator with testing going on now.

Media & Event

Identify opportunities, drive business and accelerate the robotics sector at RoboBusiness

K.U.L.T. Kress Landtechnik GmbH

Growers Insight


GUSS Automation


D'Arrigo Brothers of California

Director of Mechanized Equipment Development

Western Farm Press

Associate Editor

Edete Precision Technologies For Agriculture

The 2Be autonomous pollinator provides optimal dosing of pure pollen that also receives an electrostatic charge maximizing the liklihood of pollination. Using compressed air along with small fans the pollen is transferred to the tree in a very precise amount due to the encoder tied to the axle - pollen is dispensed relative to the speed of the tractor. The operator has full visibility and controls of the pollinator from inside the protected cab via a wireless tablet. An operator simply needs to fill the pollen canister and start driving. The 2Be autonomous pollinator does the rest.

Robotics Plus

A robust autonomous solution that significantly increases efficiency across a variety of crop tasks. With our unique modular architecture, you can rotate multiple tools across a single vehicle depending on the work of the day. We have partnered with best-in-class technology suppliers to deliver the first autonomous modular vehicle platform for the agricultural industry. This means you can utilize a range of different tools or attachments for the greatest flexibility and return on investment. Alongside this, we have incorporated a range of technologies from market leaders which significantly increase the robustness and support for UGV in a demanding agricultural environment.

The Mantis Ag Technology Smart Cultivator features machine vision guided side shift which maintains cultivator alignment without having to follow planter passes or remove sprinkler pipe. Additional features include precision side dressing for reduced fertilizer usage as well as smart spray capabilities.


CEO & Co-Founder

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

AGROINTELLI is a Danish field robot company behind ROBOTTI.

Media & Event

Media & Event

Internat. Exhibition of Machinery, Plants and Technologies for Agriculture and Livestock Husbandry

Grimmway Farms

Director of Innovation and New Technology

S2G Ventures

Investment team

Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Regulatory Affairs

Associations & Syndicates

Curating a drone, automation and robotics technology (DART) cluster on the Central Coast

McKinsey & Company


Book publisher of content in agricultural and food science.

Technology Suppliers

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

FarmWise builds precision intra-row cultivators for vegetable farms.

Technology Suppliers

AgriRobot enables safe autonomy for agricultural robots to operate without physical supervision

Duda Farm Fresh Foods is a grower, shipper, processor of fresh vegetables and citrus.

Technology Suppliers

GEODNET is building the world's largest Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) network. GEODNET can be used in survey, machine control, farming equipment, lawnmowers as well as applications in AIoT, Geo-Scientific Usage, and the Metaverse

Associations & Syndicates

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

SwarmFarm Robotics builds autonomous robots for orchards, cotton, grain and horticultural farms


In light of skyrocketing farm labor costs and shortages, the need for automated alternatives to manual tasks such as hand weeding has become a top priority for the vegetable industry. Vulcan is the first intra-row cultivator to offer a fully open architecture for high visibility and reliable weed control in all lighting conditions. The operator can easily monitor the quality of weeding with a quick peek over the shoulder as well as through the FarmWise in-cab monitor, a minimalistic interface that also allows the operator to make micro blade adjustments for added precision. Three critical technology pieces are brought into Vulcan: an industry-leading vision and lighting system, a proprietary machine learning software trained on millions of plant images, and precise weeding actuation. These are the core elements making Vulcan a unique implement able to offer precision weeding at scale. “With Vulcan, we are establishing a formula for deploying precise agricultural computer vision in the most reliable, clearest, and lightest way possible,” said Garrick Kremesec, CTO of FarmWise.


The ROBOTTI is an autonomous, versatile field robot that can be easily integrated into many everyday jobs in the fields, in horticulture and in tree nurseries or similar areas with row or bed crops. ROBOTTI is diesel powered, uses a standard three point linkage so it can be fitted with standard farm implements. There are two models of ROBOTTI – 150D and LR. The two ROBOTTI models differ in the number of engines, availability of a PTO drive, lifting power and tank volume capacity and thus in the autonomous range. Thanks to the three-point hitch is the ROBOTTI is an implement carrier that is designed for a wide variety of implements. The typical tasks are sowing, planting, hoeing, spraying and light tillage. The working speed is adjustable and allows autonomous continuous operations of up to 20 hours for the 150D and up to 60 hours for the LR. The ROBOTTI drives on four hydrostatically driven wheels of the same size; the front two are steerable. This allows the ROBOTTI to turn on the spot. The ROBOTTI works the areas completely autonomously after prior track planning. For navigation, it uses precise RTK GNSS technology with an accuracy of +/- 2 cm. The software enables planning, documentation and real-time monitoring in the online portal. The ROBOTTI has several safety systems such as pressure-sensitive bumpers and emergency stop switches up to the LIDAR 3D laser scanner and virtual GNSS-based field boundaries.


SwarmFarm builds robots for autonomous agriculture. We specialise in Integrated Autonomy to give other machinery manufacturers a pathway to deliver their technology to farmers as attachments integrated onboard our robots. Our robots have clocked up over 2 million acres of commercial operations.

Media & Event

Distributors / Dealers stp

Edney Distributing is a wholesale distributor of high-quality equipment for Dealers and End Users.

American Vineyard is the #1 publication of the raisin, table & wine grape industries.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Developers of precise and efficient technology through advanced AI and field robotics.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Leaf Agriculture

Sales & Partnerships Lead

Pacific Nut Producer is the #1 publication of the almond/walnut/pistachio/pecan/hazelnut industries.

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Associations & Syndicates

Silicon Valley Robotics (SVR) supports innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies.

California Fruit & Vegetable Magazine is the #1 publication for high value fruit & veg. crop growers

Robot, Drone & Machinery manufacturers

Niqo Robotics builds accessible and reliable robots for precision farming.

Media & Event


Public Institutions

Local Government

Agro Industrials

Farm equipment supplier located in Salinas, CA for over 65 years.

Technology Suppliers

PFF follow™ converts any motorized platform into a following robot

Technology Supplier

SwRI® seeds advanced science and technologies to reap applied smart agriculture solutions.


AROW Box is a high-tech component of Ullmanna's DECIMAL platform designed for precision weed control in agriculture. Using artificial intelligence and machine vision, AROW Box identifies and targets crops in real-time, providing a chemical-free, environmentally friendly solution for weed control. The system includes advanced features such as visual odometry, innovative lighting for cameras, and depth sensors to ensure optimal operation even under challenging field conditions. It's a compact and integratable unit, making it an attractive solution for agritech manufacturers looking to expand their portfolio with cutting-edge technology. The AROW Box forms the hardware backbone of DECIMAL platform, while the software services are offered to end users, typically farmers, on a SaaS model.

Escarda Technologies GmbH

The Morning Star Company and Escarda Technologies have joined forces to create an environmentally friendly laser-based weeding system for tomatoes fields.

Hartnell College

Dean of Career Technical Education and Workforce Development

Technology suppliers

We empower customers to locate their devices and connect them from silicon to cloud.

Education & Research

Education & Research

A NIFA-funded Agriculture and AI Institute focusing on transforming workforce and decision support.

AIFS was created to solve the biggest challenges to crop and food production facing our planet.

Triangle Farms


Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Empowering cotton farming through innovative harvesting solutions for uncollected cotton

Robot & Machinery manufacturers

Elite Developers of Perception + Gizmos

Robot, Drone & Machinery manufacturers

Robot, Drone & Machinery manufacturers

Robot, Drone & Machinery manufacturers

Decision support platform for farmers of specialty crops that leverages accurate plant level data.

Robot, Drone & Machinery manufacturers

Unmanned Aerial Application Service Provider


Irrigation Parts Dealer and Service Provider.

Growing a Better World

Laudando & Associates LLC

The L&Aser™ is the world's first purpose-built agriculture laser. It's unique patent-pending architecture is designed to be the most efficient, lowest cost, highest throughput automation system for weeding & thinning specialty row crops. Scalable due to its modular design, possessing a top speed of 2.3mph, and capable of targeting up to 10 weeds/second, the L&Aser™ is the lightest farm implement in its class, allowing for early access to crops after heavy rainfall. Additionally, the patent-pending design of the L&Aser™ offers superior energy efficiency compared to other photonic weeding systems, resulting in higher efficacy in spite of less dwell time on target. This means higher throughput & greater operational flexibility for growers from an automation system that is suitable for all crops, especially high-density organics that cannot be serviced by automated mechanical weeding systems. The L&Aser™ is offered as a service by L&A LLC and direct to growers/OEMs via a unique leasing program beginning in December 2023 in Yuma, AZ.


Co-founder & CEO

Media & Event

American Fruit Grower® reaches producers, and others in the fruit market

American Vegetable Grower provides insight on field, greenhouse and organic production, and more.

AFARA Cotton Picker Robot is a state-of-the-art semi-autonomous robot designed to efficiently collect leftover cotton from the fields after harvesting.


Plant Health Technology Lead

Media & Event

Robot, Drone & Machinery manufacturers

Tortuga builds and operates harvesting robots

Verdant Robotics

Chief Strategy Officer

Edney Distributing

President & CEO

Naio Technologies


Amazon Web Services

Global Head of Technology for Agriculture

Associations & Syndicates

Open source robotics software creator & advocate; steward of ROS, Gazebo, Open-RMF, & the Turtlebot.

Tortuga “F” and “G” models for strawberry or table grape

Aerosystems West

Agxactly Crop Insight

BH Frontier Solutions Inc.

BHF Agrobot is an autonomous agricultural robot that specializes in precision weeding using high voltage electricity, and offers precision fertilization and irrigation, which significantly enhance use efficiency.

Insight Up Solutions


Robot, Drone & Machinery manufacturers

We provide cutting-edge agricultural robots designed for precise weed management and fertilization.

Robot, Drone & Machinery manufacturers

New Holland Agriculture is an industry-leading full-line agricultural machinery manufacturer.

Support Services

Helping farmers control pests and disease using ultraviolet light to replace chemical pesticides

John Deere / Blue River

VP Automation and Autonomy

Public Institution

Local government agency

Technology Suppliers

We license Perceptive Navigation™ software kits to automate third party vehicles for farmland.

Coastal Tractor is an equipment dealership specializing in vineyard and vegetable solutions.

Washington State University

Research, teaching and extension/outreach

TRIC Robotics

Luna carefully controls dosing of ultraviolet light to control pests and disease on farms

The 16th ICPA will highlight significant research and its applications in precision agriculture.

GUSS Automation

Sales & Product Specialist


Perception Software Engineer


Operation Manager

Western Growers Association

Next Generation Ag. Worker Grant Manager

Niqo Robotics

Niqo RoboSpray™, the flagship product from Niqo Robotics, is an affordable AI-powered spot-spray technology designed to lower spraying expenses. RoboSpray™ uses a proprietary agricultural camera combined with real time AI ( deep learning) models to selectively spray crop protection, nutrients, and herbicide at a plant level, limiting spraying on soil. By enabling this level of targeted spraying, the amount of chemicals used is reduced by up to 60% in crop protection and up to 90% in herbicides. This results in substantial cost savings for the grower and mitigates the repercussions of excessive chemical application on the farm ecosystem. Designed to meet the diverse needs of the agricultural ecosystem, Niqo RoboSpray™ can spot spray pesticides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizers, in addition to herbicides making it highly versatile. Niqo RoboSpray™ is automating agrochemical spraying in 3 simple steps: 1.​Custom AI camera SEEs each plant. 2.​Propriety AI model SELECTs the target plant. 3.​Automated spray nozzle control system SPRAYs precise chemical dosage to the target plant. Niqo RoboSpray™ tech stack can be retrofitted into standard agricultural sprayers available in the market to make it a smart spot sprayer. Niqo RoboSpray™ harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI to help growers reduce chemical costs while cultivating food safely, sustainably, and profitably. Developed and tested in the rugged farming conditions of India, no terrain is too challenging for Niqo RoboSpray™, making it a truly global solution.

Jacobs Farm • Del Cabo


KTIC-AM: 840AM, Translators: 98.3FM, 98.7FM, KTIC (The Bull) FM: 107.9

Farm Ng

Production Manager

University of California ANR

Regional Director - Local Farm and Food Innovation

University of California, Merced

Executive Director

ARKEN Strategies

Founder & CEO

Verdant Robotics

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

USDA, ARS, Sustainable Ag Systems Lab

Research Ecologist


Verdant Robotics


Technology suppliers

NVIDIA provides revolutionary AI solutions for robotics, embedded, and edge AI applications.

Cal Poly

Innovative Mechanical Engineer | Automation Leader | Research Enthusiast | PhD in Mechanical Engineering


Senior Director of Strawberry Product Leadership

TRIC Robotics