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Robot, Drone & Machinery manufacturers

United States


AMOS Power is an electric autonomous power unit manufacturer based out of Cedar Falls, Iowa. They have partnered with the engineering and prototyping teams at One3 Design and Redshield Electronics. The partnership released the two newest builds of their fully electric autonomous power unit, dubbed AMOS. AMOS (Autonomous, Modular, Omni-Scalable) is a tractor design equipped with a fully electric powertrain eliminating on-site operation through autonomous technology. The size and modularity of the platform combined with the technology and processing power of AMOS make it one of the most valuable offerings in the market.

They offer two models to their platform, A3 and A4. The A3 model is capable of autonomously inter-seeding cover crops, mowing, spraying, and tilling vineyards. The A4 model is larger, with tracks that can be configured to width settings between 54” and 120”. A4 has a width substantially wider than the A3 model with a track width of 42”; this detail makes the A4 model ideal for row crop applications. Boasting 18” of ground clearance, A4 is prepared to challenge even the top diesel compact utility tractors. Both units offer 4–8-hour runtimes with an impressive re-charge time of two hours or less. The vehicles make 75-85 horsepower and are capable of detecting obstacles. They are fully autonomous, including trailer auto-load, field mapping, and implement engagement making them ideal for row crop applications.

Each unit is built modular allowing it to be customized to fit the landscape of any field and meet any operation’s needs. Both units come complete with advanced machine learning algorithms, state-of-the-art stereo cameras, GPS location, field mapping, and an easy-to-use user interface. All of this equipment allows AMOS to see, interpret, and react to what is happening around the vehicle. If an obstruction enters AMOS’s path not only, will it decide to stop or avoid it, but if it does stop it will notify the operator immediately asking for instructions on how to proceed. AMOS also offers operators precision +/- 1”, allowing for consistent routes on every pass through the field.

AMOS’s design sets the stage for the future of utilizing the technology across multiple platforms allowing the AMOS team to create custom solutions for all of its customer’s needs. No need to throw out implements either, AMOS is equipped with a CAT II Hitch and PTO allowing it to continue fulfilling farmers’ needs without the additional cost of buying implements specific to the AMOS platform.

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