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Exhibitors Information

For exhibitors or future exhibitors: get all the info you need to prepare your participation in the best conditions!

Important Links

Important Information

Exhibition Zone opening hours
  • Tuesday, September 19th from 12pm to 7pm
  • Wednesday, September 20th from 8am to 5pm
  • Thursday , September, 21st from 8am to 2pm

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All Salinas Sports Complex Parking lots offer free parking. We recommend arriving early in the morning to avoid traffic and have your pick of parking locations.


Submit certificate of insurance upon space approval to emma@fira-agtech.com mandatory before event, 2023 September, 18th . Use your own insurance to provide coverage for your exhibition at FIRA USA.


Insurance certificate holders to be mentioned: 

GOFAR – 235 rue de la montagne noire – 31750 Escalquens France


Western Growers Association – 15525 Sand Canyon-Irvine, CA 92618


Every exhibitor must provide GOFAR with proof of commercial general liability insurance coverage in the minimum amounts of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 annual aggregate. Such insurance must designate GOFAR and its officers, directors, agents and employees as additional insureds, and such designation must be shown on the proof of insurance provided to GOFAR. The proof of insurance must show that the subject policy begins no later than two weeks prior to the opening of FIRA USA 2023 and shall remain in place until at least one week following the closing of FIRA USA 2023. The proof of insurance must also indicate that, should the policy be cancelled prior to its stated expiration date, notice must be provided to GOFAR in accordance with the policy provisions, but in any case, no less than fifteen (15) days prior to the effective date of cancellation.

Exhibitor must provide GOFAR with required proof of insurance upon booth approval or mandature before 2023 Sept. 18th, whichever is later. Failure to provide such proof of insurance by such deadline may result, at GOFAR’s sole and absolute discretion, in exhibitor losing the ability to exhibit at FIRA USA 2023 and will result in the imposition of the cancellation fee described herein. If exhibitor’s policy is cancelled or terminates prior to FIRA USA 2023, exhibitor must provide GOFAR with satisfactory proof of new or continued insurance within 15 days of such cancellation or termination. Failure to provide such proof of new or renewed insurance in a timely manner, may, at the sole and absolute discretion of GOFAR, result in the loss of exhibitor’s ability to exhibit at FIRA USA and in the imposition of the cancellation fee described herein.


Set-up starts on Monday, September 18 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm and continues on Tuesday, September 19th from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm.


1st step, join the welcome desk at the main entrance for check-in.


Make sure that your booth will be ready at 12:00 pm as the exhibition zone will open until 7 pm.


FIRA’s logistics team will assist you in moving booth materials and equipment in and out.


You will be allowed to move in your booth materials if you use hand trucks.


Special access is provided for loading (see the map). 


Forklift requests can be made via the logistics form to fill in. Forklifts and operators are available for loading and unloading only. Service is free of charge to exhibitors. Exhibitors may supply and use their own forklifts during set-up and tear-down.

Booth description
  • 10’x10’x10’ tent. If you are having something custom made, in order to get it in and out without damaging the tent, suggest going with 9’5”x9’5”x9’5”. Each booth will have a 20A circuit of AC power available as well as a power strip.
  • Thick plastic flooring provided

  • 1 table (6 foot)
  • 4 chairs
  • 1 black linen

Electrical service with plugs, 15 AMPs. This service will be adequate for laptops, cell phones and televisions.


Limited wifi


Fixing posters to the wall is not allowed.


We recommend using freestanding promotional displays, such as a wind flag, and to bring your brochures and flyers. You may also bring or rent a TV-screen to showcase your digital material.


Stand dismantling on Thursday 21st, September from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Ordering Additional Materials for Your Booth

Please contact Marci Bracco Cain at Marci@theBuzzPR.net or call (831) 747-7455.  Marci can assist with additional needs including:

  1. AV
  2. Tech Support
  3. Additional Rentals
  4. And more

The deadline for ordering: before Sept. 1st


For all your printing needs, we recommend Shyla Gonzalez shyla@gavilanprinters.com



Shipping Materials to Salinas Sports Complex

All materials that need to be shipped, can be sent September 11th – 15th.  We cannot accept materials prior to September 11th.

Ship Materials To:

Sheri (Durgan) Varner  | Facility Coordinator

California Rodeo, Inc.  |  Salinas Sports Complex

For FIRA USA 2023


1034 North Main Street  |  Salinas, CA  93906

direct: 831.775.3103  |  main: 831.775.3100  |  fax: 831.757.5134

email: sdurgan@carodeo.com


Send Tracking Numbers and Details of Shipment to:



The Buzz will confirm receipt and catalog items for pick up when you arrive at the event.


In order to facilitate the logistics, thanks to send us additionnal information asap:
Shipping company name:
Number and size of the boxes:
Tracking number:
When you arrive, please ask the FIRA team to have access to the storage room to pick your material. You will have trolley available if needed. The FIRA team will not bring your boxes to your booth.
WARNING for the pick up on Thursday: If you need to have your materials shipped back, make sure that your provider will collect your boxes on Thursday 21st between 2pm and 6pm directly at the Rodeo. No storage available after event and the FIRA Team will not be available to take care of this part.
Moving in Materials and Equipment

You will be allowed to move in your booth materials if you use hand trucks. Special access is provided for loading. Forklift requests can be made via the logistics form to fill in. Forklifts and operators are available for loading and unloading only. Service is free of charge to exhibitors. Exhibitors may supply and use their own forklifts during set-up and tear-down.


Each partner must hold an insurance policy covering all damages caused to third parties and for which he/she would be held personally responsible. 

Surveillance of the stands is organized under the best circumstances by the organizer who is in no way responsible for thefts, losses… In the event of any incident on the stands that could lead to their closure, the partners have no recourse against the organizer. 


Generally, the organizer declines all responsibility for any incident beyond his control that could disrupt the event operations and cause any harm to the partners. The organizer ensures the general security throughout the duration of FIRA within public opening hours. 

Guarding is covered when setting up and dismantling facilities. The organizer will take all necessary measures to make sure that guarding remains effective outside opening hours. It is up to the partners to carefully monitor their equipment. The exhibitors must allow free access to electrical boxes and not block the emergency exits near their location. 

By attending FIRA, the partner undertakes to comply with all the general provisions and existing regulatory requirements, including labor law, security, etc.

PR services with agnewscenter

We hope you’ll elect to promote your involvement in FIRA-USA 2023 (#FIRAUSA23). To encourage you to do so, GOFAR has negotiated a 10% discount on any agnewscenter service option described in the attached PDF. This is for event promotion only to benefit both your company and to encourage registration which benefits everyone.

Let’s keep participation in the promo simple.

  1. Use #FIRAUSA23 for your 10% discount code on AgPR.com or any other agnewscenter service option described in the attached PDF.
  2. Use  #FIRAUSA23 in your event promotion. 
  3. Deliver your event promotion before it ends.

For example, if you send one or more news releases via AgPR.com they must be delivered before the event ends. New product introductions or other news delivered during the show qualifies for the discount.


We’re hoping this helps encourage you to get the word out on  #FIRAUSA23, so why not begin today?

Give Warren E. Clark at agnewscenter a call at +1.847.836.5100 or email agnewscenter@gmail.com.


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North American Ag Media Opportunities

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Our vast reach in the industry makes it possible to offer comprehensive sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Book a call to discuss your needs and learn about pricing.


More information about our reach: https://www.northamericanag.com/current-stats

Important Dates

Before July 3rd You want to have a demo area, book your partnership To account for your technical demonstration needs and requirements
August 1st You want to make sure that your company will be on the FIRA USA official printed materials (catalog, signage, etc.) Final cut off
As soon as you’ve signed the quote  and before August 1st Online directory: fill in your communication information.  FILL THE FORM 
As soon as you’ve signed the quote  and before August 1st FOR MANUFACTURERS ONLY

One-page robot information for the official online directory: fill 1 form per robot

August 31st Press release for the online press room Send it to: gwendoline@fira-agtech.com
As soon as you’ve signed the quote  Ad banner on emailing campaign 

Size: 1600×400 pix in PNG or JPG or GIF + link

You can add it in the communication form fill the form or send it to: elisa@fira-agtech.com  
As soon as you’ve signed the quote  Banner ad on FIRA USA website  homepage  Send it to: elisa@fira-agtech.com 
August 1st Full-page ad & Half-page in the official FIRA USA catalog 

Half page: 360 × 360px
Page: 360 × 600px

Format: this is a web version, so we will need a PDF file per ad without bleed and with RVB colors, please.

Send it to: elisa@fira-agtech.com 
Sept. 1st Your brochure on the resource desk.

As many as you can: 2,000 visitors expected.

Sent it to: Address to be confirmed
As soon as you’ve signed the quote Your infomercial on agricultural-robotics.com Contact Gwendoline Legrand: gwendoline@fira-agtech.com 
June All technical details about the exhibition will be available on this page
July 14th Logistics form to fill in  Technical requirement for your demo: fill the form

All exhibitors fill the form

From April 27th Team Registration > get your access Exhibitor registration: go to the « Access Hidden tickets »


From June Your guest registration > get your VIP code to invite your guest with a free registration You will get your dedicated invitation code by email
As soon as you’ve signed the quote Form to fill in to collect your first technical requirements FILL THE FORM 
June & July  Meeting with the demo team to validate all technical requirements for your demo
August until the event Demo zone preparation at the Rodeo

Talk about FIRA USA 2023! Download now our Communication Kit and find all the tools you need to communicate about your presence at FIRA USA 2023

If you need more communication tools, contact us at elisa@fira-agtech.com