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Robot & Machinery manufacturers

AGROINTELLI is a Danish field robot company behind ROBOTTI.

COUNTRY: Denmark

AGROINTELLI is a Danish field robot company with the main product – ROBOTTI – one of the most advanced agricultural robots in the world. The ROBOTTI is an autonomous, versatile robot that can be easily integrated into many everyday jobs in the fields, in horticulture and in tree nurseries or similar areas with row or bed crops. The typical tasks are sowing, planting, hoeing, spraying and light tillage.  ROBOTTI is diesel powered, uses a standard three point linkage so it can be fitted with standard farm implements. There are 2 models – 150D and LR – they differ in the number of engines, availability of a PTO drive, lifting power and tank volume capacity and thus in the autonomous range. The software enables planning, documentation and real-time monitoring in the online portal.