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>Chrissy WOZNIAK

About Chrissy WOZNIAK



North American Ag

COUNTRY: United States

Chrissy Wozniak is from the small town of Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada but now lives in Cape Coral, Florida with her family. She grew up with a deep love and respect for agriculture.

After going to college for agriculture, her life took her in a different direction than farming. She followed a career path in agribusiness and became the sales manager of an agriculture and horticulture structures manufacturing company. Her entrepreneurial heart eventually led her to leave that position to start a marketing and consulting agency, which primarily serves the agriculture industry. She offers her services to those in agribusiness looking for guidance on marketing and sales management processes.

Chrissy is the founder of North American Ag. Her experience & love of the industry has led her to create the North American Ag platform and become the host of two podcasts – The North American Ag Spotlight & What Color is Your Tractor. North American Ag provides daily ag news and weekly podcasts, devoted to highlighting the great people and companies that serve the agriculture industry and help feed our world. Covering ag tech, issues, policy, new products, family & faith. North American Ag gives farm families and ag professionals insight into what’s happening in agriculture throughout North America. She found a need in the industry for an open dialogue about the issues that impact our food supply chain, and welcomes discussion about politics and religion where they impact ag, in a climate where open discussion has been suppressed in many arenas.

Besides business, she loves God, her family, her dogs, growing her family’s own food, horses & fishing. She is also a member of American Agri-Women, Florida Agri-Women and Women in Agribusiness.