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GEODNET is building the world's largest Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) network. GEODNET can be used in survey, machine control, farming equipment, lawnmowers as well as applications in AIoT, Geo-Scientific Usage, and the Metaverse

COUNTRY: United States

The GEODNET mission is to gather dense real-time geospatial data from the Earth and her Atmosphere using a new class of roof-mounted Space Weather stations. The use of blockchain will promote a robust and resilient network that delivers secure and trusted geospatial data products used in key sectors of the economy including Agriculture, Transportation, and Finance, as well as new emerging applications for Autonomy, AR/VR, and the Metaverse.  The GEODNET location service offers reliable centimeter location accuracy for applications including drones, robotic vehicles, augmented reality, and IoT/mobile devices. With over 3000 reference stations online in every major continent, the real-time GEODNET network is the world’s largest decentralized Geo-Spatial Reference Network and present today.