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>GUSS, Mini, Herbicide

About GUSS, Mini, Herbicide

GUSS, Mini, Herbicide

With the ever-increasing cost of spray material and labor

Guss Automation

COUNTRY: United States

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With the ever-increasing cost of spray material and labor, autonomous spraying is an impressive tool for improving productivity and overall operation. GUSS (Global Unmanned Spray System) resolves many of the challenges growers face. Not only does GUSS minimize exposure to the material being sprayed, but precisely controls application rates and sprayer speeds across variable terrain.

In 2014, when commercial spray business owner, Dave Crinklaw drew a design on his shop floor of what he envisioned the solution to his labor challenges and inefficiencies to be, the journey to building the first autonomous sprayer began. After several years of prototype development and refinement, the award-winning GUSS was delivered to the first customer in 2019. With GUSS, a single operator can now monitor and operate a combination of up to eight GUSS, mini GUSS and Herbicide GUSS sprayers from the comfort and safety of a pickup truck using a laptop computer.

GUSS uses a combination of GPS, LiDAR and the latest technology to drive autonomously through the orchard. GUSS removes the driver from the tractor to save labor and eliminate exposure to the material being sprayed. With a 600-gallon tank, 3.8-liter 173 hp Cummins diesel engines and 36-inch engine driven fan, this 24-feet long sprayer includes a 32-nozzle spray manifold with individual shutoffs. This machine autonomously rolls through the orchard, row after row, field after field, day or night to get the job done.

Mini GUSS may be smaller than its predecessor GUSS, but it is MIGHTY! This innovative sprayer is designed specifically for vineyards and high-density orchards. Mini GUSS is 6-feet wide, 5-foot 4-inches tall and 20-feet long, has a 400-gallon tank and a 3.8-liter 173hp Cummins diesel engine to tackle the most strenuous terrain. GUSS Automation offers two tower options for mini GUSS: a vineyard tower for two row applications and an apple tower for high-density trellised orchards. Its compact design makes it the right fit for vineyards, high-density orchards, berries, hops and other high value crops with tight row spacing.

Herbicide GUSS is a high-tech autonomous sprayer with spot spraying technology provided by multiple precision weed detection sensors to detect, target and spray weeds on the orchard floor, reducing material usage and drift during application. Reducing the amount of material being sprayed increases safety for the operator, environment, and food produced. Herbicide GUSS is 23.5-feet long, 6.5-feet tall and ranges from 8-foot 4-inches to 19-feet wide depending on the boom extension. The hydraulic controlled, height adjustable booms accommodate 18-to-22-foot row spacing and tilt for varying berm sizes. The breakaway booms prevent damage to trees and crops.

GUSS Automation continues to be an industry innovator. As the need for autonomous agriculture equipment continues to grow, GUSS Automation is developing new technologies to meet those needs. GUSS Automation’s R&D department’s industrious team is designing and building the next cutting-edge machines to propel autonomous equipment in the agriculture industry. See GUSS, mini GUSS and Herbicide GUSS in action at www.GUSSag.com!