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AgriRobot enables safe autonomy for agricultural robots to operate without physical supervision

COUNTRY: Denmark

Allow your robot to operate without physical supervision using a certifiable safety solution.   AgriRobot provides a certifiable safety solution for manufactures of autonomous vehicles and implements within the agricultural sector.    AgriRobot makes sure that your vehicle is up to date with todays and future safety ISO standards and requirements. Our advanced safety solution builds on 3 different types of “off the shelf” sensors for obstacle detection; lidar, radar and cameras complement each other well in agriculture, when you want to reach AgPL b-d.    ROS 2 is our platform. We select technology based on your requirements and safety goals to form a solution complying with ISO 12100, 18497 and 25119 safety standards and can deliver safety documentation for the ROS 2 ISO25119 SRL 2 subset