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About Karen ACEVES


Founder & CEO

ARKEN Strategies

COUNTRY: United States
WEBSITE: www.arkeninc.com

Karen is the Founder & CEO of ARKEN Strategies, a women/minority owned and operated firm specializing in systems change, coalition building, project management, and funding strategies. As a daughter of Mexican immigrants, Karen’s passion for community building was instilled in
her from a young age. Karen’s work extends beyond her roles in local government and regional partnerships. She led the development of the Fresno-Merced Future of Food Innovation project, securing $65.1 million. Currently, as the CEO of ARKEN Strategies, she focuses on building coalitions, empowering smaller organizations, and connecting them with funding agencies. Karen’s commitment to serving under-resourced communities is
evident in her work with the F3 AgTEC Initiative, Fresno County CERF Table, and the San Joaquin Valley Broadband Consortia.
Karen holds a Masters of Science in Management Strategy and Leadership from Michigan State. In addition to her academic degrees she holds
certifications in Federal Grant Administration from Management Concepts. These certifications demonstrate her commitment to staying updated on the latest regulations and best practices in managing federal grants, ensuring compliance and maximizing the impact of funding. Karen’s also recognizes the value of lived experiences as a form of education, drawing from her upbringing in East Los Angeles and her work experience in her parents’ check cashing store. These experiences have shaped her understanding of the challenges faced by under-resourced communities and inform her approach to
community building, advocacy, and empowering marginalized populations.