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About L&Aser™


The L&Aser™ is the world's first purpose-built agriculture laser. It's unique patent-pending architecture is designed to be the most efficient, lowest cost, highest throughput automation system for weeding & thinning specialty row crops. Scalable due to its modular design, possessing a top speed of 2.3mph, and capable of targeting up to 10 weeds/second, the L&Aser™ is the lightest farm implement in its class, allowing for early access to crops after heavy rainfall. Additionally, the patent-pending design of the L&Aser™ offers superior energy efficiency compared to other photonic weeding systems, resulting in higher efficacy in spite of less dwell time on target. This means higher throughput & greater operational flexibility for growers from an automation system that is suitable for all crops, especially high-density organics that cannot be serviced by automated mechanical weeding systems. The L&Aser™ is offered as a service by L&A LLC and direct to growers/OEMs via a unique leasing program beginning in December 2023 in Yuma, AZ.

Laudando & Associates LLC

COUNTRY: United States
WEBSITE: www.laudando.com