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>MK-V Tractor

About MK-V Tractor

MK-V Tractor

Monarch Tractor is the only 100%, driver-optional, data-driven tractor available on the market. Engineered with an array of strategic features, the Monarch MK-V is tackling some of ag’s biggest challenges: Labor Shortages – Bridge the widening gap between the jobs that need to be done and the dwindling pool of workers willing to fill those roles. Profitability – An MK-V is an appreciating asset, reducing costs across labor, reporting, fuel, and maintenance while improving operations efficiency and labor productivity. Climate Instability – In addition to zero emissions, an MK-V increases energy independence by serving as a power source and keeping critical energy loads running. Fewer Pollinators – Reduce the use (and associated expense) of herbicides in addition to making regenerative farming practices more affordable. Accessible High-tech – Immediately integrate an MK-V into a farm’s current ecosystem with current implements and operators, all with less than two hours of training.

Monarch Tractor

COUNTRY: United States