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>Rhishi PETHE

About Rhishi PETHE

Rhishi PETHE

Product Lead

Mineral, an Alphabet company

COUNTRY: United States

Rhishi Pethe is the Product & Technical Delivery Lead at Mineral, an Alphabet company, where he leads the end-to-end product strategy, development and technical delivery of a portfolio designed to help the agriculture industry unlock deeper understanding of plantkind and meet the world’s growing demand for food in a more sustainable way. Prior to Mineral, Rhishi led product for the Climate Corporation’s FieldView platform, for AI-based personal nutrition platform ShopWell, and for the world’s largest food traceability platform HarvestMark. Today, Rhishi also publishes a weekly Agtech newsletter, “Software is Feeding the World,” to help create a community of individuals and organizations to nudge food and agriculture systems toward a more sustainable future.