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About Robovator


The Robovator is an innovative vision-based robotic weeding machine designed to effectively control weeds in row crops. With its user-friendly operation and low power requirements, it offers a convenient solution for farmers. This versatile machine allows for automatic hoeing within the rows and can be easily controlled using a smartphone, laptop, or its own display. Its software can be updated effortlessly, making it adaptable for transplanted vegetables or direct seed crops. Having been successfully utilized in the UK for 8 years and in California and Arizona since 2015, the Robovator has proven its reliability, having efficiently weeded over 6000 acres. Equipped with plant detection cameras above each crop row, it employs hydraulic power to operate its mechanical hoe-like tools. These tools intelligently remain in the row but move out when a crop plant is detected, thanks to continuous monitoring by the specially designed plant detection cameras. Ai is in the works for the Robovator with testing going on now.

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COUNTRY: United States