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About Vulcan


In light of skyrocketing farm labor costs and shortages, the need for automated alternatives to manual tasks such as hand weeding has become a top priority for the vegetable industry. Vulcan is the first intra-row cultivator to offer a fully open architecture for high visibility and reliable weed control in all lighting conditions. The operator can easily monitor the quality of weeding with a quick peek over the shoulder as well as through the FarmWise in-cab monitor, a minimalistic interface that also allows the operator to make micro blade adjustments for added precision. Three critical technology pieces are brought into Vulcan: an industry-leading vision and lighting system, a proprietary machine learning software trained on millions of plant images, and precise weeding actuation. These are the core elements making Vulcan a unique implement able to offer precision weeding at scale. “With Vulcan, we are establishing a formula for deploying precise agricultural computer vision in the most reliable, clearest, and lightest way possible,” said Garrick Kremesec, CTO of FarmWise.


COUNTRY: United States

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