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California Ag Robotics Tour

October 17-21

What to expect ?

California Ag Robotics Discovery Tour

40 attendees. Open to International AgTech leaders. This unique opportunity allows participants to deepen their market understanding, connect with key industry figures, and forge new alliances.

5 days all-inclusive. Our all-encompassing, personalized service includes farm tours, demonstrations of autonomous solutions, and platforms for networking and knowledge exchange. The exact route is currently being created. The tour will include a wide range of farms and crops.

Focus on specialty crops: Vegetables, Lettuce, Berries, Stone fruit, Grapes, Cherries, Tomatoes, Melons, Cotton, Almonds, Citrus, Cotton…

Reasons to Sign Up:

  • Gain firsthand insights into the latest agricultural automation technologies
  • Engage directly with leading innovators in farming and AgTech
  • Discover cutting-edge practices through interactive farm visits
  • Network with key industry figures to explore collaborative opportunities
  • Learn about custom solutions for the unique challenges of specialty crops
  • Access a comprehensive service tailored to enhance your AgTech knowledge and connections
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