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Automation: does safety meet regulation's expectations?

Autonomous vehicles are becoming more common and the software that enables them continues to improve. The same technology is being used to provide autonomous solutions for multiple AgTech innovators. How safe are autonomous vehicles for farming operations and farm employees? Federal and state reglators are watching the autonomous vehicle space and working in real time to set policies that specify how much innovation will be encouraged or discouraged. How can the AgTech industry work with regulators to minimize the costs of regulatory compliance and what is the impact on AgTech startups and growers when states like California and Arizona make different policies with different rationales.

Wed 20

1:00 pm 1:45 pm

Panel discussions

Main stage room


Michael MIILLER Director og Government Relations California wine grapes association Christina SHUPE Executive Officer Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board Ben ALFI CEO & Co-Founder Bluewhite   Nick TINDALL Regulatory Affairs Association of Equipment Manufacturers