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Solix Ag Robotics




About Solix Ag Robotics

Solix keeps the fields clean, free from invasive plants, and ensures sustainable production from pre-planting to harvest. Solix is capable of precise herbicide application, enabling efficient control of weeds, preventing their spread, and competition for nutrients with the target crop. Another efficiency point is its ability to avoid drift during herbicide management since it is a lighter machine operating at a lower speed, providing greater stability in the booms while still respecting the recommended spacing between nozzles, usually 20 inches.

In addition to the weather function, Solix works in conjunction with the ALICE platform, which can provide appropriate wind speed recommendations and optimal windows for spraying crops. The robot is powered by four solar panels that control its drive system and spraying system, providing reports on crop populations, weed identification and densities, insect identification, spraying maps with analysis of inputs, and other data layers for producer analysis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Solix can cover up to 100 acres per day, depending on the field’s shape and terrain.

Solix travels through the fields at night with the aim of combating the pests before they reach the oviposition stage, or the female’s egg leaving, without posing a risk to pollinators, insects of daytime behavior. It manages to control pests of greater economic interest to agribusinesses, using specific wavelengths of light to attract insects and eliminate them by electroshock.
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