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Stout Smart Cultivator



United States

About Stout Smart Cultivator

No Labor. No Chemicals. No Problems

The Stout Smart Cultivator is a software-defined, tractor-drawn implement that uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to cultivate and weed fields using mechanical blades. We built the Smart Cultivator because everything else kept breaking down in the field and removing crops as well as weeds.

Dependability and Accuracy are important.

Each Smart Cultivator clears 1–2 acres per hour depending on soil conditions using mechanical blades controlled by our proprietary AI model that recognizes each weed and each plant individually with 99.99% accuracy. No crop kills.

The machines are purpose-built to work in the field, day, and night. You can even pressure-wash the machine.

Since the machines are software-defined, their capabilities will only increase over time which protects your investment and ensures that your Stout implements continue to add more and more value to your program the longer you own them.
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